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Two girls, 5 questions

Hello! We're back with a new post! This time, we had a talk with Jenna, 14 and Aino, 16. We noticed that their answers to the 5 questions we asked them were very different. Jenna is more into the basics when Aino is an artsy individual. 

Let's see what the girls anwsered.

1. What is the first thing or person that comes to mind when you hear the word fashion, and why?

Alexander Mcqueen is
the first person that comes
to Aino's mind when she
hears the word fashion

Jenna: Rachel Green (from Friends). She works in the fashion industry and I like her style. She has lots of different clothes and her style has a lot of variety.

Aino: If you ask me, the first thing that comes to mind is expressing yourself. In my opinion, expressing yourself through fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself and show off your personality. The first person that comes to mind is Alexander Mcqueen. He is one of my biggest icons. His work is a-ma-zing! I love the way he combines fashion with art and his clothes aren't just like "LOL a black dress". If he did make a black dress, it would be very freaking magnificent!

2.  How would you describe your relationship with fashion?

"Adidas is very in right now."

Jenna: I don't follow fashion trends. I've never been to a fashion show. I still always kind of know what is in style at the moment and what people like to wear. Like now "mom jeans" and fake glasses are very popular among art students. Adidas is very in right now. Or at least that's what every single friend of mine is wearing.

Aino: The two words that describe my relationship with fashion best would have to be 'long' and 'rocky'. I've gone through many stylistic phases and I'm most certainly not proud of most of them. In this day and age I don't think I have a style. There are things I like and things I don't like. I combine the things I like and make a great outfit out of them. My relationship with fashion would have to be a strong bond, some might even call it love.

3. Who is the most fashionable person you know?

Jenna: I don't know.. Umm.. Let me check my instagram. Maybe I'll find someone there.. 

SELENA GOMEZ! I love her style! It's very stylish and kind of hipster-y. 
Jenna calls her style 

Aino: I think people who do their own thing are the most fashionable. Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, Caroline de Maigret and Lady Gaga.

4. How would you describe your own style?

Jenna: Well.. My style is pretty basic. To school I usually wear jeans and a tight top. I don't really think about my outfit that much before leaving the house. 

Aino: I don't have a style. I have nice clothes.

5. Where do you buy most of your clothes from?

Aino likes to wear black.

Jenna: Primark and sport stores

Aino: Many places. I can't make a list of all the places I buy my clothes from. Today I am wearing my mom's trousers, Dr. Martens' shoes, socks by Marimekko, a jacket from Zara, a scarf from Stockmann and my shirt is from H&M Men. 

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