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Siiri as Blurryface

Hey, it's Ella here! This week we're back with one more halloween-ish post. I interviewed my dear friend Siiri, who came up with dressing up as Blurryface, a sort-of character from an album with the same name by the band Twenty One Pilots. I also got in on the idea by dressing up as the drummer of the band, with a little Halloween twist!

(If you are not familiar with the concept of Blurryface, Tyler Joseph, one of the two members of the band, has explained that the character represents all of his insecurities. Probably the most prominent physical expression of the character are a black neck and black hands. Want more information? Here!)

Me (left) and Siiri as Josh Dun and Blurryface
Ella: Why did you decide to carry out this costume?
Siiri:  Well, I thought it was easy to carry out and still something that I enjoy myself since it's related to one of my favorite bands. And I liked doing something matching!

Nice! Does the outfit represent your own style in any way?
Well I did add a skirt instead of pants because it fit the mood better and brought a distinctive feature to it. But other than that it was a replica as accurate as possible.

Great. In what other ways would you describe your everyday style?
It's hard to describe, when I like something I put it on!

Näytetään image1.JPG
Is there something or someone that inspires the way you dress?
Ah, I can't come up with anything specific right off the bat. You have tough questions.

Haha I'm sorry, only one more! Where do you usually get your clothes?
From all the pretty basic clothing stores and also from thrift shops, for example!
Awesome! Thank you!

I personally very much enjoyed dressing up as the drummer or Twenty One Pilots. It didn't take much effort; the black-red aesthetic (of the Blurryface-era) was easy to carry out with black Converse, black jeans, a black-and-white shirt with a kind of crazy pattern (by R-collection! Love it.), red socks and Josh Dun's iconic red eye-makeup. I decided to halloween-it-up a little by making it look maybe a little bloody, with the red streaming from my eyes, down my cheeks.

Our costume was quite simple, but I really think it worked. I'm really glad Siiri took me along to the costume after I asked!


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