tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2016


Well hello everybody I hope you've had a great day! Today I'm gonna show you 5 of my favorite clothes of the month.

(I could not put them in order of importance, because I love them all)

Red Velvet Pants

I just bought these babes last week. I love the deep red color and the velvet is one of my favorite materials. The second I saw these in Bik Bok, I knew that I was meant to buy them. I had never owned velvet pants before so I thought buying the pants would be a good idea. In addition to the fact that they look absolutely gorgeous, they are super comfortable.

Black turtleneck shirt

This perfect shirt to wear in winter is basic but practical. It protects your neck from the cold and fits with almost every piece of clothing you own. I have used this shirt a lot during this past month. You really don't have to put any thought in choosing what to wear, when you have this thing in your closet!

Silver Pants

You don't probably see these kinds of pants every day, because they're very different and exotic. That is exactly why I bought these pants in the first place. Wearing these usually put me in a great mood. One downside with these pants is that it's pretty cold outside and these are not the best pants for staying warm because of the thin fabric, so I can only wear these seldom. 

Big Warm Scarf

I wear this scarf every single day. I wear it around my neck when I'm walking outside. If it's a little cold inside I can wrap this big scarf around me and get warm. It is also a great pillow if I'm sleepy (but not in class I would never sleep in class omg!! Who even does that??). 
It fits with many outfits because it has two different sides: black&white and these beige-red-black checks. 

Comfy grey pullover

This grey pullover is the warmest and most comfortable thing ever. It's made of real high quality wool , and I think I could possibly wear it every day. I never feel cold when I have it on, and it's very stylish. My mom gave it to me because she didn't use it anymore. She bought it when she was in Idaho as an exchange student 30 years ago. 

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