tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2016


Well hello everybody I hope you've had a great day! Today I'm gonna show you 5 of my favorite clothes of the month.

(I could not put them in order of importance, because I love them all)

Red Velvet Pants

I just bought these babes last week. I love the deep red color and the velvet is one of my favorite materials. The second I saw these in Bik Bok, I knew that I was meant to buy them. I had never owned velvet pants before so I thought buying the pants would be a good idea. In addition to the fact that they look absolutely gorgeous, they are super comfortable.

Black turtleneck shirt

This perfect shirt to wear in winter is basic but practical. It protects your neck from the cold and fits with almost every piece of clothing you own. I have used this shirt a lot during this past month. You really don't have to put any thought in choosing what to wear, when you have this thing in your closet!

Silver Pants

You don't probably see these kinds of pants every day, because they're very different and exotic. That is exactly why I bought these pants in the first place. Wearing these usually put me in a great mood. One downside with these pants is that it's pretty cold outside and these are not the best pants for staying warm because of the thin fabric, so I can only wear these seldom. 

Big Warm Scarf

I wear this scarf every single day. I wear it around my neck when I'm walking outside. If it's a little cold inside I can wrap this big scarf around me and get warm. It is also a great pillow if I'm sleepy (but not in class I would never sleep in class omg!! Who even does that??). 
It fits with many outfits because it has two different sides: black&white and these beige-red-black checks. 

Comfy grey pullover

This grey pullover is the warmest and most comfortable thing ever. It's made of real high quality wool , and I think I could possibly wear it every day. I never feel cold when I have it on, and it's very stylish. My mom gave it to me because she didn't use it anymore. She bought it when she was in Idaho as an exchange student 30 years ago. 

maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2016

Two girls, 5 questions

Hello! We're back with a new post! This time, we had a talk with Jenna, 14 and Aino, 16. We noticed that their answers to the 5 questions we asked them were very different. Jenna is more into the basics when Aino is an artsy individual. 

Let's see what the girls anwsered.

1. What is the first thing or person that comes to mind when you hear the word fashion, and why?

Alexander Mcqueen is
the first person that comes
to Aino's mind when she
hears the word fashion

Jenna: Rachel Green (from Friends). She works in the fashion industry and I like her style. She has lots of different clothes and her style has a lot of variety.

Aino: If you ask me, the first thing that comes to mind is expressing yourself. In my opinion, expressing yourself through fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself and show off your personality. The first person that comes to mind is Alexander Mcqueen. He is one of my biggest icons. His work is a-ma-zing! I love the way he combines fashion with art and his clothes aren't just like "LOL a black dress". If he did make a black dress, it would be very freaking magnificent!

2.  How would you describe your relationship with fashion?

"Adidas is very in right now."

Jenna: I don't follow fashion trends. I've never been to a fashion show. I still always kind of know what is in style at the moment and what people like to wear. Like now "mom jeans" and fake glasses are very popular among art students. Adidas is very in right now. Or at least that's what every single friend of mine is wearing.

Aino: The two words that describe my relationship with fashion best would have to be 'long' and 'rocky'. I've gone through many stylistic phases and I'm most certainly not proud of most of them. In this day and age I don't think I have a style. There are things I like and things I don't like. I combine the things I like and make a great outfit out of them. My relationship with fashion would have to be a strong bond, some might even call it love.

3. Who is the most fashionable person you know?

Jenna: I don't know.. Umm.. Let me check my instagram. Maybe I'll find someone there.. 

SELENA GOMEZ! I love her style! It's very stylish and kind of hipster-y. 
Jenna calls her style 

Aino: I think people who do their own thing are the most fashionable. Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, Caroline de Maigret and Lady Gaga.

4. How would you describe your own style?

Jenna: Well.. My style is pretty basic. To school I usually wear jeans and a tight top. I don't really think about my outfit that much before leaving the house. 

Aino: I don't have a style. I have nice clothes.

5. Where do you buy most of your clothes from?

Aino likes to wear black.

Jenna: Primark and sport stores

Aino: Many places. I can't make a list of all the places I buy my clothes from. Today I am wearing my mom's trousers, Dr. Martens' shoes, socks by Marimekko, a jacket from Zara, a scarf from Stockmann and my shirt is from H&M Men. 

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2016

Siiri as Blurryface

Hey, it's Ella here! This week we're back with one more halloween-ish post. I interviewed my dear friend Siiri, who came up with dressing up as Blurryface, a sort-of character from an album with the same name by the band Twenty One Pilots. I also got in on the idea by dressing up as the drummer of the band, with a little Halloween twist!

(If you are not familiar with the concept of Blurryface, Tyler Joseph, one of the two members of the band, has explained that the character represents all of his insecurities. Probably the most prominent physical expression of the character are a black neck and black hands. Want more information? Here!)

Me (left) and Siiri as Josh Dun and Blurryface
Ella: Why did you decide to carry out this costume?
Siiri:  Well, I thought it was easy to carry out and still something that I enjoy myself since it's related to one of my favorite bands. And I liked doing something matching!

Nice! Does the outfit represent your own style in any way?
Well I did add a skirt instead of pants because it fit the mood better and brought a distinctive feature to it. But other than that it was a replica as accurate as possible.

Great. In what other ways would you describe your everyday style?
It's hard to describe, when I like something I put it on!

Näytetään image1.JPG
Is there something or someone that inspires the way you dress?
Ah, I can't come up with anything specific right off the bat. You have tough questions.

Haha I'm sorry, only one more! Where do you usually get your clothes?
From all the pretty basic clothing stores and also from thrift shops, for example!
Awesome! Thank you!

I personally very much enjoyed dressing up as the drummer or Twenty One Pilots. It didn't take much effort; the black-red aesthetic (of the Blurryface-era) was easy to carry out with black Converse, black jeans, a black-and-white shirt with a kind of crazy pattern (by R-collection! Love it.), red socks and Josh Dun's iconic red eye-makeup. I decided to halloween-it-up a little by making it look maybe a little bloody, with the red streaming from my eyes, down my cheeks.

Our costume was quite simple, but I really think it worked. I'm really glad Siiri took me along to the costume after I asked!