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Hi guys!! We're back with a new post <3! In Finland there are many great shops where you can  find new clothing from. We made a Top 3 list of where we like to shop.

O U R   T O P  3

We adore Monki! If you want to try something out of the box Monki is the shop for you! Monki simply has a great sense of style. We think the clothes in Monki are singular and chill. The clothes there are comfortable and fun. I mean who doesn't love fun?

On Monki's website (link below) you can see how Monki is in touch with the customers. Monki has this thing called #monkifesto. It takes a stand on women, supports gay rights, is against online bullying and body shaming. It is pretty amazing. You can read about it on their website.

"Love is love is love is love. That’s all there is to it. Some people love people of a different gender, some people love people of the same. Some people love in other ways. No matter. It’s really quite simple: it’s the greatest thing we’ve got. Love is love is love is love. High time everyone sees that." -#monkifesto

Multi is the new regular by Monki (video):


There are a bunch of thrift stores in Finland, especially in Helsinki. Some are self-service, some are not, some have a purpose of helping developing countries. A few popular ones are Jäähalli's flea marketKaivarin Kanuuna and UFF. I just checked and one close to our school is Tuuliatuu! We should go check that out.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle kaivarin kanuunaI personally really love second-hand shopping for many reasons. For one, it's way cheaper. I could find up to sometimes 10 "new" (for me), cool clothing items for the price of 20€, which is usually equivalent to just one garment when bought new! It's also better for the environment, and it kind of feels more distinctive, I guess. I can easily find clothing that fits my style in thrift stores. I really like having clothes that I know, pretty much for sure, I won't see anyone else walking down the street wearing.

If you haven't ever gotten into second-hand shopping, we highly recommend it! What's there to lose?

Check out the nearest flea markets to you:

Ah! Our absolute favorite! The pride of Finland! We like Marimekko because it's modern, simple and unique. It's great quality and fun patterns make people fall in love with the products all over again every time there is a new collection available.

Marimekko was founded by the Finnish visionary Armi Ratia and is now known universally for it's unique colors and design. It's been said that Marimekko is one of the first real lifestyle-brands that combine fashion, accessories and home decoration into an exquisite lifestyle. Over time Marimekko has always tried to bring joy to the ordinary days in life. And to encourage people to be happy as they are: to live life their own way and express their personality bravely through fashion and home decorating.

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